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Candy Yu Yen Kuo


visual artist & muralist

"As a visual storyteller, I am captivated by the power of art to delve into the depths of human expression, identity, and emotion. Simultaneously, I find solace in painting as a means of exploring the intricacies of cultural identity.


My works often gravitate towards figurative realism of local flora and fauna, and I'm particularly drawn to portraying the profound relationship between nature and women. I utilize vibrant colors and intricate details to breathe life into my work, which is primarily created using spray paint as my medium of choice.


Each collaboration and project allows me to communicate a new narrative that resonates with others, bridging the gaps between cultures and fostering understanding."



Born in Taipei and raised in South Texas, Candy seamlessly weaves together Eastern and Western aesthetics, producing a style that embodies the bridge between diverse cultures. Her artwork often displays a captivating dichotomy, where vibrant colors depict dark narratives and low brow aesthetics harmonize with refined artistic techniques.

Over the past seven years, she has made significant contributions to the field of large-scale installations and murals. Having called Austin home for more than half of her life, she possesses a deep connection to the heart of Central Texas, which is beautifully reflected in her portfolio. Her versatile style ranges from realism to bold, graphic designs, showcasing her mastery of composition, expression, and illustration. Through these transformative creations, she effortlessly communicates stories and emotions without the need for words or sound, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her visual symphony.

Her extensive experience in large-scale installations and murals is a testament to her expertise and commitment to her craft. In addition to collaborative work with local leaders, communities, artists, and organizations, she often embarks on solo mural projects with a recent notable accomplishment covering an expansive area of approximately 900 square feet. From operating scissor lifts to working on scaffolding in diverse conditions and meeting people from all over, she adeptly adjusts to the unpredictable nature of the industry.

An image of one of Austin's best muralists in front of environmental justice mural for raasin in the sun and atx mosaic workshop through mural arts philadelphia, muralist is with her daughter in front of this community based mural for environmental sustainability, family, and BIPOC AAPI female artist
resume and cv for visual artist and top muralist in Austin Candy Kuo including clients from mural festivals and projects like YWCA, The Moody Center at University of Texas Austin, and Huston Tillotson University
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